"Asset Track": Knowledge is Money

A few bad apples consume most of your maintenance efforts.  Cab you pick them out of the barrel?  With "Asset Track"-family software you will.  2D Direct Marking places indelible barcodes on your existing equipment and will never fade or fall off.  Barcoding makes record-keeping fast, easy and accurate.

2D Direct Marks

2D Direct Marks as shown on 3/8" nut
(see Direct Mark)

2D Direct Marks

Direct mark parts with 2D Data Matrix (text in above code)
(see Direct Mark)

"Track"-family Software Products

The "Asset Track" family of solutions automates record-keeping and analysis
(see "Track"-family Software Products)

  • Improve yields.  Expect 6% yield improvement in the first year.
  • Reduce downtime.  Reduce unscheduled downtime by 25% within 1 year.
  • Increase efficiency.  Employees become faster and more accurate in recording data.

  • Custom solutions to your needs as defined by you.
  • One point of contact for all questions.  We are responsible for marking, software support and readers.
  • Provide accurate data to solve process problems and equipment reliability problems.
  • Marking can be done on- or off-site as desired.

  • Equipment and components are permanently marked.  Marks will stand up to harsh treatment and environments while remaining readable.
  • 2D Data Matrix barcode is smaller and contains more data than conventional 1D bar codes.
  • Scanners link to existing computers and networks.

  • Easy to use.  Collecting data is as easy as checking out of a grocery store.
  • Very reliable.  Up to 40% of a code can be destroyed and still be readable.
  • Extremely accurate.  Will not give false readings.

Stewart Technologies - Developers of "Track"-family Software for Industrial Production and Factory Maintenance.

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