It is analysis that makes the effort to tag and track all the critical components payoff.  Computers allow us to automatically run specific reports in a given time period or do special analysis on an as-needed basis.  Some typical analysis reports are listed below, but the users are not limited to those listed.  Component use of the analysis tools available can result in significant cost savings and greatly improved product yields.
  1. Run Time - Run time reports can be calculated automatically from the data collected, either an average for a group of components or for each component.  This report will allow for the removal of poor performers from components and boost the average run time of all components.

  2. Delta Run Time - Changes in run time can be evaluated by either groups or individually and displayed using these reports.  It is important to know if run time is increasing or decreasing.

  3. Deviation from Average - These reports display how long it takes to repair, clean, assemble etc. each component or the average of all components.

  4. Repair Time - These reports display how long it takes to repair, clean, assemble etc. each component or the average of all components.

  5. Employee Performance - These reports display the run time of components repaired by each employee or installed by each employee.  This can be an indicator of additional training requirements for specific employees.

  6. Modes of Failure - This report highlights why components are failing.  This may indicate some steps that can be taken to improve the life or performance of all components.

  7. Position Performance - The position performance report will show if a problem is repeated at a specific, position, regardless of the component installed at that position.  This could indicate a positional problem rather than a component problem and the condition causing the failures can be corrected.

  8. Lost Production - This calculation shows how much production is lost in a given time range because of all failures or specific failures.

  9. Product Performance - This report will show component performance on different products.  Some components may not run all products successfully.  This will allow the identification of components with a limited range.

  10. Wear Rates - With sufficient data the effective life of components can be determined and they can be changed before they fail.  This will improve productivity.

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